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Iphone Detecting Bipolar Swings

Saleswoman displaying iphone to camera, based on touch-pad technologyBipolar Disorder continues to be difficult to assess and diagnose accurately given that there has not been any recognized blood test or easily sampled biomarker. While there are some iphone apps to help document mood swings, recent small study in Italy has demonstrated how technology may be used to help with monitoring the characteristic swing of moods. The study used a very small sample size of 12 patients over the course of 12 weeks but it illustrates a potential way that technology might be used to track some of the behaviors that are often associated with bipolar mood swings such as hyperactivity and rapid speech that was operationalized as increased iphone use,  Accurate assessment and diagnosis continues to rely on accurate self reports and reports by friends or family members but perhaps technological approaches with new sensors and tracking approaches can help to better monitor and plan treatment.